Mexican Desert. 

Mexican Desert. 


This location made me feel like I wasn’t even in Mexico, the desert was never ending and so peaceful! According to the World Wide Fund for Nature the Chihuahuan Desert may be the most biologically diverse desert in the world as measured by species richness or endemism. I couldn’t help myself and had a mini photoshoot! Comfort and style is something that can be accomplished, and when I put this outfit together being comfortable was on the top of my list. By comfy I don’t mean pajama pants and Uggs (cringe) please save the pj’s for your house. There are plenty of other options that can allow us to be comfortable but still look like we put some effort into dressing ourselves in the morning. I went for a drawstring, gently shaped, tapered leg pants from H&M. They are super soft and the fit is snug to avoid looking shapeless, I paired it with a knit sweater, and a pair of converse (can’t go wrong) and I was ready to go! The options are endless, grab a pair of jeggings, t-shirt, cardigan, and some high-top sneakers for a day full of running errands. What would you wear?

Xx, B.

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