Mixing Prints. 


I love the idea of mixing prints and decided to give it a try by pairing stripes and leopard print! I am pretty obsessed with leopard print at the moment and to my advantage it goes great with burgundy, navy blue, beige, yellow, orange. (I mean I can go on forever!) I paired my Zara flats with a classic nautical stripe shirt and a fitted blazer to give it a more polished look. So many people are afraid to wear horizontal stripes because they were told they would look “wider”. If you are worried about that add a fitted blazer to create a waistline or a cardigan. I finished it off with this huge pashmina, dark denim, and my favorite handbag. What is your favorite mixed print combo? 

Xx. B!

Blazer: H&M/ Top: Target/ Jeans: Paige/ Sunglasses: TOMS/ Flats: Zara/ Handbag: Balenciaga



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