Mixing Prints with 5 Easy Tips

 The Bishop Arts District is an eclectic neighborhood where you find funky boutiques, independent coffee shops, art galleries, and restaurants line the streets of this vibrant community. Found just a couple of minutes from downtown Dallas, this neighborhood has a small town feel with a cool vibe, charming sidewalks, and full of hip up and coming artistry.

On this beautiful day full of walking, taste testing, and fun shopping I put together a comfortable and easy outfit. Mixing prints is a task that many try to stay away from, pulling off this tricky trend can be intimidating but is easier than you think. Read on for some tips:

  1. Mix larger prints with smaller ones: I would suggest using the larger print at the bottom it tends to make parts of the body seem bigger. The small print against the larger one creates a balance.
  2. Stick with the same color family: they don’t all have to be the same shade, but have a central color theme or palette.
  3. Stripes: are super versatile and the easiest way to mix print, they look great with dots, checks, graphics, floral, different stripes.
  4. Choose print with similar pattern: but no more than two prints, three if you are feeling bold.
  5. Confidence: if you don’t wear it with confidence people will notice, when in doubt TAKE IT OFF. Always make sure that you feel comfortable and beautiful before you walk out that door.


Do you guys have any suggestions or tips on how to mix prints? Links to items I’m wearing found below! 

Xo, B! 

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Zara Shorts

Target Blue Stripe Shirt
Phillip Lim Handbag
Kate Spade Sunglasses


    • May 22, 2015 / 6:38 pm

      I would love to see the outfit when you put it together! I’m so glad to hear that those tips helped out! 💕

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