5 Easy DO’s and DONT’s of Pulling off Those Denim Shorts. 



Denim shorts are that summer staple that we all love, whether short or high-waisted, distressed, or loose, they are easy, comfortable, and look great day or night. When it comes to shorts the fit is very important, a pair of denim cutoffs can effortlessly work the entire season. One thing we can agree on is that they are a go-to during this time, they are just like a perfect white t-shirt, they go with pretty much anything in your closet. This outfit was perfect for sight seeing, I wore this romantic top and paired it with my Zara gladiator sandals that were perfect for walking.

Here are some of my Do’s and Dont’s of wearing denim shorts and cutoffs!
1. Wear it with a flowy top: the flowy top with the tight shorts will create a balance. Making your legs the center of attention.

2. Wear a belt: especially if you pair them with a basic T-shirt, it will pull the look together and add some fun.

3. Go longer on the hem: trust me, it’s just as sexy and more flattering.

1. Wear shorts that don’t fit: your shorts shouldn’t create a muffin top and your butt cheeks shouldn’t hang out.

2. Wear heels: if the shorts are too tight I would suggest a flat. Now I’m not saying you can’t wear heels, just go for a platform or wedge, and opt for loose fitted shorts.

How do you ladies wear your shorts? I would love to hear your suggestions!
Xo, B!

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