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 Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today I wanted to talk about my go-to outfit on days when maybe I am not “feelin myself” or I’m having an, “I don’t have anything to wear” moment. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be challenging for me because not only am I tall but I’m curvy as well, so when I find a pair that fit and hugs all the right places I make sure to buy it in every wash! These Zara jean are amazing, they are comfortable, have enough stretch, and as the day goes on they don’t loose their shape. I would normally go with a darker wash for dinner but since its still summer time I went with a lighter wash. As you all know I love to wear white and this sleeveless blouse was perfect for a hot summer day and it’s forgiving in case I want to have dessert or an extra Martini. I HAD to wear the shoes I design with Shoes of Prey, they were perfect and I was satisfied with the results and the colors I went with. If you ladies haven’t heard of them I suggest you head over to their website and try it out! Denim is one of those pieces we all need in our closet, they are a classic, easy, versatile, and can be dressed up or down. Keep your shape in mind when you are buying denim, for instance I can’t go with low-rise denim because it doesn’t flatter my body but I do know that mid-rise denim and I can be best friends.


Un pantalon de mezclilla es la prenda comoda que no puede faltar en ningún guardarropas, los jeans quedan bien con absolutamente todo y en cualquier ocasión. Una blusa blanca sin mangas es las prenda más versátil que se puede tener. Va perfecta combinada con pantalones de mezclilla y unos tacones. Estos pantalones de Zara te hacen lucir espectacular, si encuentras unos jeans que te gustan mucho, cómprate dos, yo tengo caderas pronunciadas entonces siempré escojo jeans con cintura alta y de color oscuro para alargar mi figura. Pero en esta occasion opte for un pantalon de mezclilla azul claro. Los jeans siempre van a estar de moda y se pueden user al trabajo, a cenar, o una noche de fiesta con tus amigas. Los zapatos que tengo los diseñe yo, con Shoes of Prey. Recuerda, tienes que tener en cuenta tu tipo de cuerpo cuando escojas tus jeans. 

Espero que tengan un excellente fin de Semana! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

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Xo, B. 


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