How to Style Workout Wear for Everyday, NOT Just The Gym.

Hey guys! I had a few of my co-workers and friends ask me to dedicate a post on taking your workout wear from sweat zone to everyday zone. The truth is we all have those days when we have a schedule packed with errands, meetings, for many of my friends dropping off the kids at school, making lunch, etc and somewhere in between you want to fit in some gym time. Before you reach for that beat-up tank, sweat pants, and your old sneakers let try a comfy t-shirt or tank, yoga pants (not leggings), and a fun pair of sneakers.

You will feel stylish instead of sloppy and most likely will make it to the gym since you are dressed and ready to go, NO EXCUSES! I love the mesh detail on these yoga pants, I would wear this to get lunch with friends, run my errands, lounge around, or to an actual gym class – minus the leather jacket, sunglasses, and purse of course.

Add a leather jacket, cardigan, or hoodie in case it gets chilly. If you prefer to wear your converse, TOMS, or flip flops keep your gym shoes in the car. Finish off with a tinted moisturizer, lip balm, put your hair in a bun, ponytail, or if you are in a hurry grab your favorite baseball cap. Invest in a pair of work out pants that fit correctly and not only will you feel good but more than likely it will motivate you to take that gym class you have been meaning to try out! Have a wonderful weekend!

Where do you ladies shop for your workout clothes? Share your pictures!

Jacket: Zara/ Top: Lululemon/ Yoga Pants: Shred415 store/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/ Sunglasses: Dior So Real

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