Travel Tuesday- Do’s & Don’ts Of Airport Style


   After countless hours of packing, unpacking, and those fabulous TSA lines I’ve learned a thing or two to make that process quick and easy. When traveling my outfit must be simple and comfortable but that doesn’t mean loose or sloppy. This look would be one of my go-to travel looks; I start off with my Lululemon leggings (or any other leggings you prefer), t-shirt, a cozy sweater, and my comfortable slip on from Bucket Feet. 

What is Bucket Feet you ask? Bucket Feet gives artist all over the world the opportunity to submit their work and tell their story one shoe at a time. I am wearing the “Minty Fresh” by Kelsey Archila. I love the vibrant colors and prints; this shoe can take a plain outfit and give it LIFE.  Do wear flats, slip on shoes, or sneakers this will get you through security line in a breeze. Just remember to pack a pair of socks to keep your feet warm on the plane.

  Do layer up- it’s always freezing in the airport and on the plane, try three layers a t-shirt, cardigan, and scarf. FYI: the scarf can function as a pillow or a blanket.


Do throw on your stretchy jeans or jeggings- preferably a dark wash. I am a huge fan of leggings, just make sure they fit and the material is thick so they aren’t transparent. 

  Don’t wear Heels or Gladiator flats- this will get you a lot of stares and not to mention you will be backing up the security line.

 Don’t layer on the jewelry- they will set off the metal detectors and you will get stuck in the security line. 

  Don’t forget a large carry on bag that you can use to store your laptop, book, magazines, sleep mask, makeup wipes, Advil, and will optimize your luggage space.


Down below you can find the direct link Bucket Feet along with the link to my Minty Fresh slip on.
Would you ladies agree with this list? Would you add anything?


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