Fitness Friday: 3 Fun & Budget Friendly Outdoor Workouts. 

Fitness Friday: 3 Fun & Budget Friendly Outdoor Workouts. 

Do you dread working out? Do you sit in your gym clothes and wonder why you signed up for a class when it’s so beautiful outside? I can guarantee that you will not feel the same way after your workout! When you work out you release endorphins, which gives you a natural high, it’s also a great way to release stress.

IMG_3355Get outdoors in the summer and torch some major calories. We have a beautiful lakefront; take advantage of this gorgeous weather by going for a long walk, run, or bike ride in your neighborhood or down the Lake Shore Trail.
It’s a great way to burn calories, maintain a healthy weight, and sculpt your lower body. Take the stairs or power walk up the hill, not only will you burn major calories but you’ll tone your lower body. Add some ankle weights for an extra challenge. Call up your bestie, put on that work out clothes, and get your walk on while you catch up! Make sure to keep those shoulders back, head up, stomach tight, and swing your arms freely.
Running is an excellent way to lose weight and release stress. Especially for those of you who deal with long commutes, busy schedule, or sit behind a desk all day. Running is convenient, you can run anywhere, it’s cheap, and doesn’t require any equipment. Start off slow, run for 20 minutes at a time, don’t’ go too far or too fast, and switch between running and walking.
I don’t own a bike but recently I’ve been contemplating the idea! For now I’ll just keep using DIVY, it’s super easy, you can get a 24-hour pass and see my beautiful city while you work on your fitness! Cycling is fun and it beats being inside of a gym on a gorgeous day. Not to mention it’s easier on your joints than running, burns major calories, and tones your legs and booty! It’s a great way to take in the scenery, get some Vitamin D, and hang out with family, friends, or your honey.
Breaking a sweat outdoor will save you money, you’ll be happier, and it’ll help you clear your mind even if it’s only for 30 minutes.
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