My Smile Brilliant At Home Whitening Kit Results & Review + GIVEAWAY! 

My Smile Brilliant At Home Whitening Kit Results & Review + GIVEAWAY! 

I loved the ease and at-home comfort of Smile Brilliant’s at-home whitening kit. I know that having custom fitted trays played a huge roll in the amazing results I saw with just 6 days of using Smile Brilliant. What are the benefits of custom-fitted trays? Here is a link. What I loved most about this system is that I didn’t have to deal with the dentist office and I could whiten my teeth while watching television, checking e-mails, making phone calls, or doing chores around the house.


I used the tray 4 days out of the week for 45-60 minutes per session, rinsed my mouth out with water, and applied the desentizing gel for about 20 minutes. They recommend 45 min to three hours; I saw good results with just one hour, every other day. I am a major coffee and tea lover and I saw a difference in the whiteness of my teeth!

I’m positively in love with Smile Brilliant and excited to share my amazing experience that comes with a new pearly-white smile! If you ever have questions Smile Brilliant has an online Chat Box, they are extremely helpful, will answer all your questions, and their customer service is great! I will definitely continue using Smile Brilliant and spread out the treatments to make sure I keep my teeth nice and white!
I’m so excited to give one of you the opportunity to get a whitening kit for FREE!! Just click on the LINK, follow the instructions, and you are all set!
Why not start off 2017 with a new whiter smile!! Plus, use promo code windystyle5 to get 5% off your purchase if you decide to give it a try!!
Happy New Year to all of you!!! God bless and be safe !
Xo, B!


  1. December 30, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    Woahh! What a difference ! Great post! Happy new year !

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