5 Steps That Helped Me Become A Morning Person.

5 Steps That Helped Me Become A Morning Person.

I know I’m not the only one who has a love- hate relationship with the snooze button! Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep but with a wakeup call of 5:30 AM three days a week (that RN life), I had to learn to love it. I’m not saying I don’t sleep in from time to time but on most days I try to be out of bed by eight thirty, drink a cup of coffee (or buy one), and head to the gym. It was MAJOR struggle at first but these five tips helped me out a lot.

Plan Ahead

Let me start by saying that I love wearing scrubs to work! I save so much time because I don’t have to worry about planning outfits. I worked in an office for four years and I’ve struggle with the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma before. I started laying out my clothes the night before to avoid stressing out about that in the am. Now I lay out my scrubs, with my work ID, and my purse the night before.

Try To Go to Bed Early

The key word is “try” but setting a bedtime will help get you on a routine. I know it can be tough when you have children, a demanding job, school, or a sick family member but if you aren’t in good health how can you help others? Getting your beauty sleep will keep you mentally alert and fit, you’re more likely to say no to that cookie in the break room!

You’ll be Productive

Yea, getting up at 8 am sound terrible but it allows you to take advantage of your day and you’re more productive overall. It’s a great feeling to get a workout in, run errands, and clean my place before 1pm, I feel so accomplished. Plus, morning workouts give you an extra boost of energy and keep that waistline in check!

Have a bedtime routine

I wash my face and apply moisturizer, drink some tea, watch TV or write, brush my teeth, say a little prayer and off to bed I go! This process helps me wind down and a reminder that it’s time for bed.

Make Your Bed

You’ll be less likely to jump back into bed. Plus, who doesn’t want to crawl back into a nicely made bed after a long day! All you have to do is pull the covers back and say good night world!

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Xo, B! 

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