What I Pack In My Purse When I Travel

What I Pack In My Purse When I Travel

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be in Colorado this weekend because I’m meeting up with my friend Schuda and we haven’t seen each other in almost six years!! ❤️ I can’t wait to see my friend and catch up! Today’s post is all about what’s in my purse when I travel. Traveling can be stressful with the long lines, security checkpoints, packing, and if you add little ones it can be overwhelming. Now I only carry the essentials in my purse, but I’ve been guilty of overfilling it with way too much stuff. No matter where I’m going, you will always find these essentials in my travel bag.


The two most important things other than your phone! The Tory Burch I linked has great reviews and comes in three colors.


It never leaves my side! How else am I going to document all the fun for Instagram, Snapchat, and for scrapbooking.

Wet wipes

I know I don’t have kids but I’m a big kid sometimes and forget how to eat and drink.


They help hide those dark circles from not sleeping on the plane or dealing with jetlag. I usually pack my Dior Black or a classic Ray Ban .


 Keep your breath fresh.

Beauty bag

I don’t like to wear makeup on the plane, but when I arrive in my destination I’ll be able to reach into my purse for my lip balm, face mist (name here), concealer, and blush.


I need snacks! Even when I’m not traveling I’m a huge snacker. I usually have a protein bar, dried fruits and nuts, sour patch kids, or dark chocolate with me when I travel.


I always keep a magazine or book in my purse to read on the plane. It’s a great way to pass the time while traveling.


It comes with me wherever I go!

Pain & motion sickness medicine

Motion sickness or headaches aren’t fun on a plane so I like to be prepared.

Cozy Scarf

It doubles as a blanket when the cabin gets chilly

These essentials (minus the camera) should be in your travel bag regardless if you are traveling solo or with the kiddos. What else would you ladies add to this list?

Thanks for stopping by, Happy travels!

Xo, B!


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