5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthier Every Day

5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthier Every Day


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Life can be hectic and it’s so much easier to grab a bag a chips or a muffin and run out the door in the morning. A few small changes can make a positive impact on your mind and body. Staying healthy is a necessity. Small lifestyle changes will keep obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc away and make a big difference in the long run. Try these five small moves:

  1. Get A Good Amount Of Sleep

It’s challenging at time to get enough sleep because we all have busy lives. Adequate sleep (at least 7-8 hours) will increase your productivity and reset your body and mind. Lack of sleep can disrupt hormone levels, making you feel hungry even when your body doesn’t need food (put the cookie down!). I’m guilty of this but I’ve started to get up and walk around or drink a glass of water.

2. Always Carry Water

Drinking plenty of water will help keep you focused, energized, full, and your skin looking amazing. Eight glasses of water a day is what the doctor recommends.

3.     Keep Healthy Snacks At Hand

For instance pre-packaged smoothie bags for the week. Dump the ingredients in a blender, add spinach, almond milk, protein powder, and your done. You’ve got a smoothie in less than 5 minutes. If you aren’t a fan of smoothies you can go with unsweetened dried fruit, protein bar, or trail mix, egg bites.


4.     Lay Out Your Workout Clothes

Exercise is a MUST. You may not think you have time to exercise. But, if you start exercising regularly, you’ll be more efficient at your work, and you will feel better. It not only keeps you fit, it improves your overall mood, boost self-esteem, and it gives you more energy through the day. I personally love to workout in the morning because I start my day feeling great and accomplished. I sometimes take a 5 am class when I work, so I have my food, clothes, gym bag, everything completely laid out the night before.

5.     Find A Buddy-

It’s great to have someone you can check in with, share recipes, take a class, and keep you on track with your goals.


Small lifestyle changes will lead to big health benefits and you’ll be one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

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