How To Stay Fit And Healthy In The Summer- 7 Easy Tips

How To Stay Fit And Healthy In The Summer- 7 Easy Tips

Who doesn’t love summer? Frozen cocktails, countless bbqs, rooftop bars, beer gardens. Everyone knows that summer is the best time of year in Chicago; all I want to do is let loose and clean-eating goes out the window. All the fun can get in the way of maintaining your regular routine. But here are 7 simple ways you can stay fit and healthy during the summer time:

Drink Plenty of Water

Summer can leave your body dehydrated so it’s important to drink at least eight to nine glasses of water a day. If you aren’t a fan of water try adding some slices of lemon to add flavor.

Get Your Workout On

If you want enjoy the weather take your workout outside! You can head to the park with your rollerblades, bike, or go for a run along the lake. This is the time when we are in cropped tops, swimsuits, shorts, tanks, and we want to keep up our fitness routine. You really don’t have to do any cardio in the gym during the summer if you don’t want to.

Cut Down on Sweets

You guys already know how much I LOVE sweets and I’m tempted to head to the nearest ice cream shop! If you do order small, you’ll still get ice cream, just less of it. Instead I reach for a cup of fruit or a yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. Or make your own popsicles at home, here is one of my favorite recipes, it’s healthy and delicious.

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I know we all want to get our tan but it’s important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Use as least SPF 30, reapply every two hours, and don’t forget to protect your face (use a hat, facial sunscreen, or BOTH).

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Stick with smoothies, salads, and soups. This will make sure you get your veggies in while it’s gentle on your digestive system. Don’t forget to add avocado, it’s packed with healthy fats and helps keeping you feel fuller longer. You can always make an Acai bowl for breakfast and top it with some banana, coconut flakes, chia seeds, and a touch of honey. Here is my favorite recipe.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is just as important because it helps with weight control. Try to have a schedule during the summer time; you need at least 7- 8 hours of sleep. It will also help curve your hunger cravings; we tend to overeat when we are sleep deprived.

Limit the Sugary Drinks

If you are going to drink stay away from the mixed drinks and go with Rose or White wine. Most mixed drinks are full of sugar.



I hope these tips help you stay fit this summer! Happy Lolla Weekend!


Xo, B! 

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