Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story


I usually don’t talk about my personal life, but I have a very special
story to share with you today. AAHHHHH I’M ENGAGED!!! I’m really glad
so many of you have asked for an engagement post, because I’m super
excited to share our engagement with you guys; I still can’t believe
that I’m marrying my best friend!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I got engaged in my
hometown Chicago about two weeks ago! One of the first questions I was
asked is, “were you surprised?” and the answer is YES! I literally had
no idea that he was ring shopping, met with my parents to ask for my hand
in marriage, or that he was planning this beautiful moment for quite
some time. Yes, we had talked about getting married and maybe I hinted
the kind of ring I would like but I wasn’t expecting it on that Wednesday night.

It was absolutely perfect! On Monday he told me not to make any plans
on Wednesday night because he was going to take us out to dinner to
celebrate that his boards being finished. He had been super busy working long
hours at work and studying for boards so this was the perfect excuse
to have a date night! He then suggested we dress up for dinner because
we were going to Cite. Of course I went online to check it out and it
looked quite fancy, so I decided to go with a dress (thank God).
The Proposal 

That day he told me to meet him at the restaurant at 6:30. When I
pulled up he was waiting for me downstairs by valet. I got out and he
suggested we go for a walk in the park while we wait for our table to enjoy the beautiful weather. This is when I
started thinking, ‘is this going to happen?’! There’s no way; he hasn’t
had time to go ring shopping! On the way, he started talking about us and shared
sweet memories as he guided me to the end of Olive Park. Ahead of me I could see that the ground was covered in red rose petals. At that moment, I
start freaking out a little bit! Omg! Breathe, Brenda. Breathe. Then I
saw a couple who was taking their engagement photos pose in front of
the roses and I thought to myself, wait… those aren’t for me! Haha

He led me towards the roses and boy was I was wrong. They were
totally for me! I saw him reach for his pocket and I started freaking out as he got down on one knee. I can’t remember what he said because I
totally blacked out for a few seconds! I was in total shock. I forgot
about the ring, but Alex asked if I wanted it and I said YESSS! At
that moment I noticed a flash in the corner of my eye and turned to see
Scott, his best friend, who had been hiding behind a giant bush the
entire time capturing one of the most amazing days of our lives!

I imagined this moment in my head many times and it could not have been more perfect!! After the proposal, we called and texted our parents, my
siblings, and best friends!! The night ended with dinner at Cite and a
permanent smile on my face the entire night! 
Now the fun begins: picking a date, choosing our venue, wedding dress shopping, etc.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to  leave a beautiful comments, texts, phone calls congratulating Alex and I! For all the love and in sharing our happiness with us.

xo, B!



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