Sneakers and Skirt Kinda Day. 





  Pencil skirts are flattering, easy to dress up or down, and super sexy. It’s one of my favorite pieces to wear, many of us have dressed it up for work or a special event but today I am going to talk about how we can dress down our pencil skirts. I paired my skirt with a jean jacket, it’s super casual and gave it a laid back vibe. Many of our favorite fashion bloggers have been running around in their favorite New Balance sneakers but I decided to stick with a classic, my Converse. I love a crisp white shoe, and lets be honest sometimes you want to give your feet a break and feel comfortable and ready to take over the world with a pair of sneakers. This outfit is perfect for any woman who is on the go, all the moms out there who want to look and feel great but heels aren’t an option, or if you have been blessed with height and you don’t want to tower over the entire room. You can pair it with a basic v-neck or with a graphic tee, Urban Outfitter and Target have a lot of fun graphic tees to choose from. All that matters is that YOU feel beautiful and confident in whatever you decided to wear!

Combina una falda con tus tenis favoritos que tus pies siempre agradecen. Una nueva tendencia que ya se ha empezado a ver en las calle, es este look super femenino, chic, casual, relajado y no ay que olvidar que los tenis son muy cómodos! Para muchas mujeres los tenis son la unica opcíon y especialmente para las mamas que deben correr detrás de sus niños! Esta nueva forma de usarlos te permite estar a la moda pero sober todo comoda. En esta occasion use mis zapatillas Converse, todas fashionista parece tener estas zapatillas en su armario.

Hasta la proxima amigos! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I’ve attached links to similar items below, happy shopping! 

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Xo, B! 

Jean Jacket
Black T-shirt
Stripped Skirt

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Hi, I would first like to welcome you to Windy Style! My name is Brenda, I am a lifestyle blogger born and raised in Chicago. Although I love my career as a Registered Nurse in the ICU, Windy Style was created with the everyday girl in mind. A place where I can share my endless passion and love for all things Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Travel. Welcome to my world! I hope you find some inspiration and courage to try something new!

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