Dressing Warm in Winter Without Looking Bulky











 We received our first taste of winter this weekend and lets just say I wasn’t ready for it! Living in Chicago my entire life you would think I would be used to it by now but I don’t think you are ever ready for our winters. All you can do is try and stay warm and that is exactly what I did with this outfit. It is hard to bundle up and still look stylish when the temperature drops without looking five times your size. I concentrated on thin layers, you can always remove some of those layers when you get inside. This allows you to add the next layer with out looking bulky (tshirt, sweater, jacket). I wore a black long sleeve underneath my chunky knit hoodie, embrace the seasons must-have chunky knit sweaters and cozy accessories. I added a military jacket over my hoodie for some contrast and of course to keep warm. I topped it off with a pom-pom beanie to keep my head nice and toasty, basic colors such as black and white are versatile, but brighter colours can add that pop of color to any neutral outfit. Plus it’s a great solution for a bad hair day! A good pair of flat boots is a must, making it easier to navigate through the snowy streets of Chicago. 

Tip of the day: three layers max. A light shirt or sweater, a jacket or heavy cardigan and a coat. 

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