Where To Stay: Palermo Soho 


Buenos Aires is one of those cities you can’t help falling in love with, from the tango, late night dinners, great shopping, amazing pastries, and their easygoing vibe it’s hard not to fall in love. As I mention before, BsAs is made up of sub neighborhoods and Palermo Soho is the place to be and where I would live if I ever moved to BsAs.     
 Here you will find a wide selection of shops, cafés, great restaurants, and bars. One restaurant that I would suggest for brunch is Ninina Bakery, this place is unreal, the coffee is simply the best, the food is fresh and full of flavors, and their croissants are to die for! For dinner I would suggest adding La Cabrera to your list, their parilladas are delicious and they have some of the best steak in town.




This is the trendiest neighborhood in town; friends gather at cafés, families having lunch or dinner, and during the weekend make sure to stop by Plaza Serrano. You will find fun art pieces, accessories, clothing, and home décor.






I’ll admit I was excited for the shopping part of my trip, and Palermo Soho is shopping paradise, with out a doubt you will find the best boutiques displaying the coolest fashion (leave your credit card at home). You will find whatever you are looking for, if you are on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket make sure to visit “Las Pepas”, this store has feminine dresses, structured handbags, fun loafers, booties and of course a variety of beautiful leather jackets in every color and style! 

Where is South America would you like to visit? 

Xo, B! 

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Hi, I would first like to welcome you to Windy Style! My name is Brenda, I am a lifestyle blogger born and raised in Chicago. Although I love my career as a Registered Nurse in the ICU, Windy Style was created with the everyday girl in mind. A place where I can share my endless passion and love for all things Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Travel. Welcome to my world! I hope you find some inspiration and courage to try something new!

3 thoughts on “Where To Stay: Palermo Soho 

  1. How fun!! I have never been, but I’ll make sure to take note 😉 Boutiques are so beautiful and unique, but they can be hard to find so when you do find the perfect place – it makes it all the more special! So glad you enjoyed your trip – I love the fringe bag!!!


      1. That’s where I got mine as well! Although mine is a bit larger so I don’t like to do a ton of walking with it unless it’s just simple errands. Yours looks perfect for exploring! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed your time out an about! -xx Anna

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