Five Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Cinque Terre

I fell head-over-heels in love with Cinque Terre; each one of the five towns (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernaza, and Monterosso) is so picturesque and unique in their own way. Cinque Terre or “five towns” is a series of five fishing villages along the coastline; and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here are the five reasons why I fell in love and you should visit Cinque Terre:

  1. The Water/Beach’s whatever you do, don’t leave Cinque Terre without swimming, jumping, or dipping your toes in the water! If you want to relax or have a beach day head over to Monterosso’s sandy beach, for 24 Euros you can rent two chairs and an umbrella for the day. If your budget permits rent a sail boat, it offers you unforgettable sights and views of Cinque Terre. While on board enjoy some wine and hors d’oeuvre, take a dip in the water, snorkel, and end your day by falling asleep to the rhythm of the sea.





  1. The Food- When in Cinque Terre indulges in the abundant local seafood, everything was delicious and the seafood pasta was HEAVENLY! In Cinque Terre you can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank! When you visit Monterroso make sure to get some fried seafood (pictured above).






3.The Colorful Terrace Homes- the colorful stacked homes in shades of yellow, blue, and pink sit atop high cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean.




  1. The Hiking- The hiking in Cinque Terre is out of this world. The hikes aren’t easy, but the views are phenomenal and defiantly worth the walk. Once we reached the top of the trail I couldn’t believe my eyes, all the bright colors pop against the turquoise water. Stop inside the deli and pick up an ice cream, a great way to stay hydrated and make the hike a bit more enjoyable.





  1. The Energy– the people of Cinque Terre were super helpful, made you feel right at home, and you couldn’t help but to feel the love and amazing energy that everyone gave out to the world!


*Bonus*- My best friend and I also made a stop at Porto Venere; it was such a magical town. I would love to come back to this special place with my future husband and kids. It’s totally worth the 30-minute bus ride! 

Helpful Tips:

  • Allow three to four days to give you enough time to visit all five villages
  •  You can take the train or the hiking paths that connect the five towns.
  •  You can buy a daily train ticket that can get you to all five villages.
  • Pack sunscreen, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, hat, shorts or casual dresses.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Thanks for stopping by.  Xo, B!

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      1. We never did a honeymoon so we are really due for a wonderful vaca! We have a four year old and one on the way so right now we have to keep it to easy, relatively inexpensive ones…but yes one day we will embark on an amazing journey like yours!!

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