Sicily Travel Guide- Things to Know When Planning Your Trip + Things to Do!

Sicily Travel Guide- Things to Know When Planning Your Trip + Things to Do!

Hey Guys! I’m back with another travel guide from our trip to Italy. One of my best friends was marrying the love of her life in Catania and we decided to spend the last 5 days of our vacation in Sicily. I’m so happy we were able to be a part of such a magical and special day, seeing her walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life was simply beautiful. Thank you for bringing us all together on this beautiful island, we love you guys!

The people in Sicily are warm and welcoming, the food was delicious, and we had gorgeous weather every single day. We wanted to slow down and take some time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sea.

There were a few things we wish we would’ve known beforehand that would have saved us time and money. If you are planning a trip to Sicily here are a few tips and things to try.

Important Tips:

  1. Learn Some Italian- English is only spoken in most tourist areas, and locals mainly speak Italian. At times sign language was the only thing that helped when there was a language barrier. I recommend learning how to say hello, good morning, do you speak English, thank you, etc.
  2. Rent a Car- It’s the best way to see more of Sicily but drive at your own risk. Red lights or stop signs don’t seem to matter there. Get direction ahead of time in case your phone doesn’t get reception. You will need a GPS and be careful with all the scooters, they are worse than taxi drivers.
  3. Siesta- this means that from 1-4 most restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores are closed. Oh, and they might close a little earlier so make sure to stock up on what you want or need in the morning or you’ll have to wait until the afternoon. We learned the hard way but made sure to stock up on snacks, fresh fruit, and water.
  4. Tipping is optional- all restaurants charge a cover charge (coperto). It’s up to you if you want to add any additional tip.
  5. If you are staying at a resort or hotel and you’re not planning on renting a car I highly suggest that you set up transport beforehand. Taxi’s are VERY expensive and can run you up to 60 euros from the airport and around the city.
  6. Taxi’s- Sicily doesn’t have public transportation which makes getting around a bit of a challenge and can be VERY pricey. Ask the front desk how much a cab will cost beforehand and let the taxi driver know when they arrive the amount you will be paying. To avoid any confusion or try to take advantage because you are a tourist.

Things to Do

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1. Beautiful Beaches- In Sicily you’ll find white sand, black sand, and pebbly shores. They are absolutely gorgeous, most of the beaches in Sicily are private and charge a fee. You can also rent chairs and an umbrella for an extra fee.

2. Visit Mount Etna– Mount Etna is Europe’s largest and most active volcano. Make a day trip out of it, there are guided walking tours. It’s a spectacular site and you can’t miss it!

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3.Eat Gelato All Day- some of the most delicious gelato I’ve ever had was in Sicily. There are countless varieties of gelato made daily with fresh ingredients, you will not find a shortage of gelato here!

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4. Taoromina- Here you will find breathtaking view, the most charming town, and the winding streets lined with gelato shops, restaurants, and amazing shopping. We fell in love with this place when we stopped for a few hours. I can’t wait to return to this place and spend at least 5 days exploring, enjoying the beaches, and nightlife.
In Sicily you’ll find vibrant city, gorgeous beaches, cobblestone alleyways, delicious wine and food. I can’t wait to return to this delightful island in the near future.
Xo, B!


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